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Sam, 4th Grade

"When you're reading fast, and you're understanding, it's like you're flying through the words!"   


"You are really amazing.  This morning K.  and I read a chapter of a book we have been reading for her book club.  She said that you worked on something that apparently really clicked for her.  There was a drastic difference in her flow as she read this morning from just yesterday.  You are gifted at what you do and just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that."        T.C., Greenwood Village


"My daughter had a slow start in kindergarten, and in 1st grade was reading below grade level. I decided not to wait and to be proactive, and I'm so glad I did! 

Not only has she jumped up several reading levels since starting - she has confidence, is learning to work through her frustrations and even reads recreationally now, whereas she never did before. It’s important for all kids to have a great relationship with reading and I'm so glad I found Kate to help my daughter find hers!            S.B.,  Centennial, CO


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